Grace Anglican Church, Sutton


What is Marriage?

"Marriage is a gift of God and a means of grace
in which two people promise to faithfully share their lives together."

So begins the service of marriage in the Anglican Church. The Church is here to recognize and celebrate the love between two people and to witness their lifelong commitment to one another. We are happy to assist you in planning for your wedding ceremony and advise you on marriage preparation. The minister needs to have a least 60 days notice for a marriage.

What if me or my partner is divorced?

The Anglican Church does remarry people after divorce, provided that the first marriage has been properly dissolved and that the minister is confident that the proposed marriage has a good chance of success.

Does the Anglican Church marry people from other denominations?

Yes, we do.

Does the Anglican Church bless same-sex marriages?

Yes, Grace Church celebrates the blessing of same-sex marriages.

What if I would like to get married at Grace Church?

Contact the Rev. Tim Smart to set a date when you can meet with him to discuss your proposed marriage.

What are the fees?

The fees for weddings in 2013 are:

$300 donation to Grace Church.
$175 honorarium for the officiating minister.
$75 honorarium for the organist.


Wedding Photos

From previous weddings at Grace Church
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